The best brunch in Miami

By Jennifer Wood and Virginia Gil for Time Out


Our complete guide to brunch in Miami, from great pancake stacks to baked eggs and mimosas, mimosas, mimosas


Part social, part sustenance, brunch in Miami isn’t quite the same institution as in cities like New York. But it’s getting there, thanks to the rapidly rising number of Miami restaurants serving a quality brunch menu. An it’s not just stalwart Miami diners and coffee shops giving us our fill of eggs and pancakes—you can get brunch with an Asian inflection, or a fine-dining edge. So, whether you prefer to eat early or late, sweet or savory, these spots have the best brunch in Miami for you.




Call it cliché but Pubbelly’s brunch really offers the best of both worlds, or in this case, three since the gastropub’s menu comprises top dishes from sister restaurants Pubbelly Sushi and Barceloneta. That means you’ll have your pick of Pubbelly classics such as mofongo in a savory shoyu broth and the McBelly topped with yakiniku BBQ sauce, as well as an Asian spin on Mexican chilaquiles served with spicy kimchi and the fluffiest corn pancakes you’ve ever tasted—made fresh by pastry chef Maria Orantes. Though served tapas-style, portions are as generous as the flowing mimosas (an additional $9).


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