The Miami Food Bucket List: 50 Things You Need to Eat Before You Die

By Mandy Baca for Thrillist
From fritas to gator bites and pastelitos, Miami’s got plenty of bucket list-worthy eats to keep you busy until you kick it. Here are 50 to get you started (and where to get ‘em!), including a ton of foods that you can only get in Miami. Just do us a favor and don’t eat everything all at once… we don’t want our list to be the incredibly ironic reason you actually kick the aforementioned bucket.
19. Pastrami & sauerkraut dumplings
Pubbelly (address and info)
Miami Beach
PB bumps that whole gastropub thing up a notch or two to James Beard standards with eats like this dumpling version of pastrami on rye that includes white cabbage soy, Thousand Island, and caraway powder.
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