The Best Sushi Restaurants in Miami, RIght Now

By Matt Meltzer for Thrillist/Miami


When you live in a city that’s not only surrounded by water, but, on a bad night in South Beach, is actually UNDER water, you should probably be able to get some great seafood, right? Right, and while we might be better known for things like our Cuban sandwiches, there aren’t many places that can beat Miami when it comes to fish… especially raw fish. In fact, the 305’s so full of seriously good sushi spots that the hard part is knowing which ones are actually worth your time. Until now.


 Bal Harbour

Air bread might sound like Nike’s venture into artisan toast, but in fact it’s among the signature dishes at Stephen Starr’s Bal Harbour sushi outpost helmed by Iron Chef alum Makoto Okuwa. The bread’s a super-thin slice of Kobe atop a puffed cracker full of horseradish foam, and almost outshines the impeccable sushi menu. Thrice-weekly shipments of fish from Japan put this place squarely in the upper echelon of Miami sushi. And it’s definitely the best way to refuel whenever you’re forced to go shopping at Bal Harbour.


 Sunset Harbour

You know the Pubbelly crew is doing something right when they can open up a sushi joint and still have one of the best beef dishes in the entire city. Yeah, the Wagyu roll might be the best beef tartare you ever have, but if you’re going for the seafood, their creativity extends to more traditional stuff too, and the ever-changing lineup of rolls makes this a place you’ll want to put in your regular rotation.

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