Miami food events: Pubbelly gets fishy, Vagabond chef Alex Chang cooks at Fooq’s

By Evan S. Benn for


This week is Pubbelly’s 20th Street Seafood Festival and the start of Fooq’s new Fooq’s & Friends collaboration series.


Details on this week’s 20th Street Seafood Festival hosted by Pubbelly in Miami Beach and the first Fooq’s & Friends collaboration dinner at Fooq’s in downtown Miami:

• Pubbelly Row in Miami Beach (Pubbelly, Pubbelly Sushi, Barceloneta) is turning into a weeklong seafood fest as chefs Jose Mendin, Juliana Gonzalez, Yuki Ieto and Maria Orantes go to town on the freshest bounties from the ocean. Each of the three restaurants will present a different menu each day, Wednesday through Sunday. Samples:

Wednesday-Tapas: Shrimp Shumai (Pubbelly), Lobster Tacos (PB Sushi), Prawns with Chorizo (Barceloneta).

Thursday-Stone Crabs: Stone Crab Fettuccine (Pubbelly), Spicy Stone Crab Roll (PB Sushi), Stone Crab al Ajillo (Barceloneta).

Friday-Chef’s Choice: Clam Chowder Croquetas (Pubbelly), Sashimi Salad (PB Sushi), Laughing Bird Shrimp Carpaccio (Barceloneta).

Saturday-Chef’s Choice: Seafood Poutine (Pubbelly), Thai Seafood Sausage (PB Sushi), Coconut Rice and Florida Lobster (Barceloneta).



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