Pubbelly’s Summer Burger Series

By Emily McClure for Digest Miami


DJ Irie gave Digest Miami an exclusive look into Pubbelly‘s new summer burger series inspired by local influencers!


This summer, Pubbelly shares a partnership with the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project for a Weekly Burger Special that puts creativity and food to the test. Recipes inspired by Miami influencers, such as Lee Schrager of South Beach Wine & Food Festival, will be revealed on the menu throughout June and July. Chef José Mendín tells us, “I can meet anyone and make a burger for them. If I get to know people and get to know what they like, I can make a burger that truly represents who they are.” Digest Miami was invited to celebrate the series last week and taste the mouthwatering burger inspired by DJ Irie and the upcoming Irie Weekend fundraiser.


Irie was thrilled when he heard that Chef Mendín wanted to do a burger influenced by him. “Between living in Jamaica when I was growing up and spending most of my adult life in the states, I have 2 loves: One is burgers. The other is jerk chicken. Jesus heard my prayers when this burger came about.” The DJ Irie burger was slathered in Jerk spices and a rich mango chutney with avocado and sweet potato fries. DJ Irie burst out in joy with the first bite of his very own burger, “Oh my god, it’s so good!”


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