Miami’s Celebrity Chefs brought their game face to Casa de Campo’s Flavors of the World

By Carla Campos for Casa de Campo Living


’m still recovering from the eventful weekend that just passed…and oh boy was it exciting! Not only did we dance the night away at Genesis on Saturday for the U2 tribute (My morning song today: “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY…!”) but all of the Flavors of the World : Miami events were extremely fun! While I’ll be sharing all the details and *PHOTOS* over the coming days, the true stars of the weekend were the celebrity chefs that graced Casa de Campo for Flavors of the World. Young, hip, energetic, very cool, and amazing at their craft, I got to meet and interview them on Friday and it set the stage for the experience to follow.


Jose Mendin: The brains behind the operation…. calm, cool and collected




As a fellow Puerto Rican I was excited to meet Jose. Not only has he made quite a name for himself in Miami, his work abroad has also made everyone in our hometown proud. Founding partner and Chef for Pubbelly Boys, Mendin is as invested in the success of Pubbelly Sushi at Casa de Campo as he is for the rest of his restaurants in Miami. With so many events coming up over the weekend, he seemed cool, focused and on top of his game.  I asked him a few questions and this is what he said:


CCL: Define your cooking style in 3 words

JM: Flavorful, Pleasurable & Memorable

CCL: Interpret the essence of Casa de Campo in a dish

JM: Working with the local ingredients and Dominican roots I think that a really cool seafood mangú with a “criollo” sauce would work well…


Our favorite dish of his from the Friday night dinner:




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