The Ten Best Brunches in Miami

By Clarissa Buch for Miami New Times


To the chronically indecisive or someone who just wants to munch on a burger with a side of French toast without being judged, brunch is for you. It’s probably the most important meal of the weekend — and, if done right, the most enjoyable too. But creating that perfect breakfast-lunch combination isn’t easy — hearty plates to cure last night’s hangover, mixed with rich, indulgent dishes like fried chicken ‘n’ pancakes, homemade s’mores, and cheesesteak egg rolls, are washed down with daytime boozy drinks to create the ultimate meal.


The key to the perfect brunch is a balanced menu. Bacon, eggs, and sweet breads on one side, with sandwiches, salads, and meat on the other. Hybrids of the two are welcome too. But a menu with too much of either usually ends in disappointment and a good chance of a stomachache. Most of all, you gotta have pancakes.


While the weekend soiree can fall anywhere between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on the restaurant, prime brunch time is somewhere between 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. — enough time to comfortably sleep in, work up an appetite, and still have room for a light Sunday night dinner.


From reasonably priced a la carte menus to lavish buffet-style brunches, Miami has it all. Find them inside South Beach hotels or in little hole-in-the-walls around town. Get ready to eat, day drink, and spend the last few hours of your weekend in a welcomed food coma. Here are the top ten places in Miami serving up the brunch of your dreams.


6. Pawn Broker
Pawn Broker’s rooftop setting makes it one of the most beautiful places to enjoy brunch with friends. The fact that this is, technically, a bar makes this brunch the perfect place to either enjoy an afternoon celebration or feed your hangover. Factor in that it’s a Pubbelly Boys’ establishment and you’ve got an all-around winning choice. Start with French toast sticks served with a thick chocolate sauce and a light raspberry marmalade for dipping  ($8) or snag an order of the smoked fish dip ($12), which fuses all the flavors of an everything bagel with cream cheese and salmon into a creamy pastel-pink spread.  wash it all down with all-you-can-drink rosé, frozen rosé, and mimosas for $25., or head to the bloody mary cart too, where you can custom-build your drink ($14). Brunch runs from noon to 4 p.m. An after-brunch party features live music until 10 p.m. Visit


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