How To: Miami, the City of Parties


I recently visited Miami, Florida for the Spring Break of my senior year. Some of my friends and their friends gathered together to find an affordable Airbnb to house all 10 of us. We flew from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale to save some money, and then we stayed in North Beach to avoid the overbooked hotels and split Ubers to visit South Beach, a.k.a. the party zone. There’s a lot to do all over Miami, but I can only recommend the best of what I saw, and this is what I think you should see, do and eat:


Places to Eat:

Pubbelly Sushi

This restaurant is so yummy and has a great happy hour special. The drinks and gourmet sushi rolls are so much cheaper. The beef tartare roll comes with a poached-egg-and-truffle dipping sauce, and the octopus ceviche roll was so fresh it made me want five more. The specialty drinks were also influenced by Latin American and Asian cuisine with ginger, jalepenos and sake.


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