SPOTLIGHT: Pubbelly Noodle Bar

In Goodtella


For years I have watched the Pubbelly Group crush the food scene in Miami. From introducing us to what was the city’s first legit gastropub to launching one of the most eclectic sushi restaurants in town, these boys do not f*ck around when it comes to food.

When Chef Jose Mendin and I spoke about how we can create some buzz about the rebranding of Pubbelly restaurant to “Pubbelly Noodle Bar,” I knew this collaboration was going to be a saucy one.

Given that it’s 2017, and ramen is like so in, our girls jumped at the chance to host this event for our favorite culinary boys. We originally wanted to plan the event to coincide with National Ramen Noodle day on April 4, but since we run on Cuban time, we “noodled” on it for a while, and landed on a date—it’s going down this Thursday, May 18, from 6-9 p.m. at Pubbelly Noodle Bar.

I sat down with Chef Mendin for a fun Q&A session (over noodles and sake, obvi) to give you a little preview on what you can expect for our highly anticipated Let’s Noodle On It event.


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