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Lauren Arboleda is an organic, real-food lover. Based in Miami, she founded Food from the heart, & recently wrote a book: Pregnancy from the heart. She spends her days cooking, eating delicious, working out, practicing yoga & meditation, and discovering new healthy places in Miami!


I have to confess that I’m a bit of a pain in the ass for eating out…or that’s what my hubs always complains about…”it’s so difficult with you” he says. Okay, MAYBE sometimes I could be. But I always compromise and order the best options for me! I’m mainly a pain since I really do prefer home cooked meals, and of course, it’s also because I’m crazy about cooking! I truly enjoy making delicious meals made with the best ingredients, real food and lots of love. Okay, and maybe it’s also because cooking is what I do for a living!! (Hint Hint: Check out some cool stuff at and my even cooler new Book illustrated by the awesome Natalia Swarz, girl behind this blog!)

During the weekends with my family or during the week when I meet my girlfriends in the evening for yoga, bootcamp or for a run (those hours when I get to have some quality me time) When I am out I try searching for places offering organic, local, quality ingredients, farm to table restaurants and also love places owned and operated by cool people! (I want good energy and good vibes in my food!) So here’s a list of places I love to go to and some of my Must Order Meals around the Miami Area!


Pubbelly Sushi

1424 20th St, Miami Beach

Top treat: Stone crab roll OMG, guilty pleasure.


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