Saturday Sweets: Summer’s Light & Fresh Fruity Desserts

The Coco Loco dessert by pastry chef Maria Ortanes at Pubbelly Sushi


By Amber Love Bond for MIAbites


Summer is just around the corner (even though it feels like it’s already here) and it’s got me thinking about refreshing sweets covered in fresh fruit. I’m usually all about everything chocolate, but there’s something brought on by the heat of summer that converts me – just for a bit – to a fruity dessert fiend.

Here are some of my favorite desserts that can be found around town this summer:


Coco Loco, Pubbelly Sushi


This dessert screams summer time as it’s served inside of half a coconut. The Coco Loco by Pastry Chef Maria Ortanes is filled with coconut sorbet, coconut mousse, graham streusel, toasted coconut, white chocolate blondie chunks, and compressed pineapple. Two bites of this dish and you’re instantly transported on a mental vacation and feeling like you’re laying on the beach on an faraway island.


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