The 21 Best Rooftop Bars in America

for Thrillist


Drinking is fun. Drinking outside is more fun. Drinking outside on a rooftop, literally looking down on all the poor souls who aren’t drinking outside on a rooftop, is inarguably the most fun.

 Of course, most Americans don’t have access to an impeccably appointed private rooftop terrace in the sky. But it’s written in the Constitution (I swear!) that each of us deserves the opportunity, at least once, to sip a refreshing beverage while enjoying a gentle breeze and surveying the horizon. Whenever you’re ready, you’d do well to head to one of the following 21 stand-out bars scattered throughout the country.



Pawn Broker’s 13th-story digs atop the Langford Hotel might look up at taller Miami structures like the Freedom Tower, but the cocktail menu here looks up at no one when it comes to creativity — the Corn Pop fizz takes craft moonshine and Corn Pop syrup and crafts a damn elegant cocktail out of them. Or maybe you’d prefer the gin-based Giggle Water, served in a literal tiny bathtub (if you don’t get it, do some reading about Prohibition) infused with Champagne syrup and topped with lavender foam. Who needs the beach, really?


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