Dade Night Dining: The Most Romantic Restaurants to Visit in Miami



Summer date nights shouldn’t conform to the four corners of a $39 prix fixe menu; especially when Miami has a plethora of restaurants that serve affordable food– with a complementary side of romance.


Isn’t there nothing more disappointing than taking your date to a “froufrou” steakhouse only to discover you’ll have to choose between chicken or fish. Save the embarrassment and your Amex by trying one of these eateries that are sure to set the mood.


Pubbelly Noodle Bar

This restaurant is for that adventurous date when it’s time to spice things up. The Pubbelly Boys are known for their unique fusions and Pubbelly Noodle Bar offers perfect pairings of European and Asian flavors. Start your evening out by ordering a Lucky Cat, a fun, sake infusion served in a ceramic cat. Next, order the Sunchoke carpaccio, a refreshing burrata served upon thinly sliced Sunchoke. It has both a kick-in-the ass heat of sichuan oil and also a cool down with grapefruit flavors. The corn soup agnolotti is whimsical and reminiscent of something out of Harry Potter. The corn stuffed dumplings sit beneath a short rib broth layered with bewitching truffle bubbles. It also serves as the perfect conversation piece when the awkward date babble falls short. The Uni pasta and Shitake Bao buns are also not to be missed.


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